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Ultimate Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide for Business owners

Fire extinguishers are very useful to fight fires in any place. Be it a small fire or a large fire, you should have fire extinguishers handy for tackling the same. In India, it is mandatory to have any kind of fire extinguisher in the office or factory premises as per the law. so, you need to choose the right one that suits your needs. But how would you buy the right fire extinguisher that suits your needs? This post will help you through the process of choosing the correct fire extinguisher for a business. With this buying guide, you will understand the process of choosing the best fire extinguisher that will help you through the fire hazards.

Ultimate Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

#1 – Certifications

Check if The Fire Extinguisher is Certified by the proper authorities. with the proper certification, you can be sure about the authenticity and trust factor of the fire extinguisher. The most common certification for fire extinguishers in India is the one through the Bureau of Indian Standards. Make sure that you have multiple certifications on the extinguisher device for added safety.

#2 -Type

There are 2 Kinds of Fire Extinguishers that you can choose from:

Water-Based Fire Extinguishers

Water-based fire extinguishers are the most common type of fire extinguisher that can be found in any place. this is because water-based fire extinguishers are easier and cheaper to manufacture. so, water-based fire extinguishers are popular among the public. it’s not as effective as foam-based or powder-based fire extinguishers but it’s still very useful in fighting a small-scale fire in a kitchen or restaurant.

Chemical-based Fire extinguishers

The chemical-based fire extinguishers are very powerful. they contain the chemicals that suppress fires. There can be basic chemicals like Baking soda which releases carbon dioxide after reacting with the fire and suppresses it. Also, some extinguishers contain chemical foam, which covers the surface to suppress fires. So, there is a wide variety. It’s very essential to use chemical-based fire extinguishers for advanced-level fires like the ones induced by electric short-circuits, chemical fires, and others.

#4 – Size of the Extinguisher

You should always buy one that can handle the kind of fire that you are expecting. For example, if you are buying a water-based fire extinguisher, buy a smaller one as it won’t be able to tackle large-scale fires like chemical-based ones. Also, water-based extinguishers are meant for small business premises and are capable of fighting common fires. But if you buy large chemical extinguishers, then they can be useful in fighting multiple types of fires with ease. So, considering the size is one of the most essential things to consider while choosing the right fire extinguisher for your business needs.

Final Words

Businesses have a lot of threats, as fire hazards are very big risk factors. Many businesses faced losses due to ignoring the fire safety protocols. Be it a big factory or a small office, you should keep the right type of fire extinguisher ready for tackling fires. In this post, we tried our best to educate you on the thing to consider while choosing the right fire extinguisher. Just choose the right one and keep your business premises safe from fire hazards.

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