Control fire damage with automatic water supply


  • SafeGuard


    SAFEGUARD UL Listed pendent, upright & sidewall sprinklers are designed for use in automatic sprinkler systems designed in accordance with standard installation (NFPA13). The temperature response is standard response 5 mm glass bulb and fast response 3 mm glass bulb. The sprinklers come with a compact design available in different finishes and temperature ratings.

    The sprinkler body is made of brass forging copper alloy (DZR). The spring seat consists of a spring Belleville washer coated on both sides with a Teflon tape.

    Pendent and conventional and sidewall sprinklers are installed with adjustable or non-adjustable escutcheon plates. These are intended to be installed finished ceilings. Escutcheon plate adjustment provides convenience in pendent and conventional sprinkler installation in case of areas with finished ceiling or walls.

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