Expansion Foam Concentrates

A fire suppression technique to extinguish fire with separation & cooling effect

Expansion Foam Concentrate

  • SafeGuard

    BiosolveC6 High Expansion Foam (HX 3%, 6%)

    SAFEGUARD High Expansion Foam is a superior quality foam concentrate specially formulated to combat high heat, smoke, and volatile chemical fires within confined spaces. With a concentration of 3% or 6%, it offers exceptional efficacy in suppressing fires and encapsulating toxic vapors.

    • Superior Drainage: Its advanced formulation ensures superior drainage characteristics, allowing it to carry water efficiently to the fire, and enhancing its firefighting capabilities.
    • Heat Displacement: Effectively displaces heat from the fire area, aiding in fire suppression and preventing re-ignition.
    • Smoke and Vapor Suppression: Rapidly suppresses smoke and suppresses vapors of volatile chemicals, promoting a safer environment for firefighting operations.


  • SafeGuard

    BiosolveC6 Medium Expansion Foam (MX 3%, 6%)

    SAFEGUARD Medium Expansion Foam is a high-quality foam concentrate designed for medium-intensity fires. Available in 3% or 6% concentrations, it excels in controlling heat, smoke, and chemical vapor in enclosed spaces.

    • Enhanced Drainage: It’s superior drainage properties enable effective water delivery to the fire, ensuring thorough suppression.
    • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of fire classes including Class A (ordinary combustibles) and Class B (flammable liquids and gases), making it a versatile firefighting solution.
    • Toxic Vapor Encapsulation: Acts as a positive aid in encapsulating toxic vapors, minimizing health risks for firefighters and occupants.


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