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    Fire Hose Delivery Coupling

    Explore our premium fire hose couplings, designed for seamless connection and reliable performance in firefighting applications.

    Our fire hose delivery coupling features an instantaneous pattern, comprising a pair of male and female half couplings, available in standard sizes of 63mm, 70mm, 52mm, and 38mm. Each coupling is meticulously crafted to meet industry standards, with the body hydraulically tested at 21kg/cm2 and ISI marked bearing IS:903 for quality assurance.

    Material of Construction: Gum Metal/Stainless Steel

Key Features:

  • Male Coupling Fire Hose: Ensures a secure and leak-proof connection for optimal firefighting operations.
  • Female Coupling Fire Hose: Designed to complement the male coupling, facilitating easy attachment to hoses.
  • Male Female Coupling: Experience effortless coupling and uncoupling with our precision-engineered male and female coupling system.

Invest in our male and female coupling fire hose for superior firefighting capabilities. With our commitment to quality and durability, our fire hose coupling manufacturers provide solutions you can rely on in critical situations.

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