Hose Reel Drum

Combat the potential of fire risk with controlled water supply

Hose Reel Drum

  • SafeGuard

    First Aid Hose Reel Drum

    Our fire hose reel drum is designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring reliable performance in emergencies. Available in various sizes, including hose reel drum sizes of 20mm ID x 30 Mtr./36 Mtr./36.5 Mtrs./40 Mtrs., you can choose the perfect fit for your requirements.

    Each hose reel drum comes complete with a durable hose reel hose, ready to tackle any fire situation. Our swinging wall mounting type design offers easy installation and accessibility.

    Equipped with a hose reel drum nozzle and hose reel shut off nozzle, both ISI marked bearing IS: 884, our fire hose reel drum ensures precise control and effective firefighting.

Trust our hose drum to provide the safety and reliability you need in critical situations. Explore our range today and prioritize safety with our premium hose reel drum solutions.

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