Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

The warfront weapon to fight with fire

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

  • SafeGuard

    CAF fire fighting system – 10/15 ltr Capacity

    SAFEGUARD make water mist cum CAF firefighting systems are available in 9 ltr capacity backpack and 50 ltr capacity trolley mounted version.

    The system mainly consists of SS water tank, CCE Nagpur approved carbon composite/ steel air cylinders and light weight hand held jet cum spray gun. The systems operate at 8 kg/cm2 with a throw of 8-10 m in jet mode and 4-5 m in spray made.

    The systems are very useful for firefighting class ‘A’,’B’ and live electrical fires. The system are CE and ERDA approved.

    Advantages of Water Mist Cum CAF system

    1. Applicable on A,B and Live Electrical Fire as per EN3 & IS:15683.
    2. Backpack with hand held system
    3. Anti-corrosive SS vessel and CE Marked Equipment
    4. CCE-Nagpur approved carbon composite light weight air cylinder
    5. Negligible recoil/back pressure system
    6. Light weight gun of 2 kg with spray & jet nozzle
    7. Timely after sales services since all spares manufactured by Ashoka Engineering Company.


Capacity of system 10 ltr 15 ltr
Weight of fully charged system 23 kg 90 kg
Operating Pressure 8 Bar 8 Bar
Gun Weight(Si311) 2 Kg 2 Kg
Types of Fire A, B & Electric A, B & Electric
Fire Fighting Distance 10 m 10 m
Hose Length 1.3 m 5 m
Discharge 24 sec 132 sec
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