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Known and Unknown Facts about Fire everyone should know

Fire is one of the most fascinating and beautiful things in the world, while also being one of the most dangerous. Fire safety is an essential thing you need to know, as well as understanding fire and knowing more about it through some fun facts! In this article, we will go over what causes a fire, why fires can be so dangerous, as well as different safety precautions you should take. We’ll also go over some fun facts about fire! So without further ado, let’s get started with our Top Facts About Fire Everyone Should Know

Interesting Facts about Fire

#1- Smoking is responsible for over 50% of all fires in India.

At the peak of smoking in India, 40% of all fires in the country were caused by cigarettes. As people become more aware of smoking and its safety, this number has decreased drastically. However, as there are still many people who smoke and put others at risk, it’s important to take away smokers from being in dangerous situations. Smoking can cause a fire even if people didn’t intentionally light up a cigarette. This is because cigarettes have wax on them that continue to burn after they are put out. Even if the lighter or match was put down and not used again after, the wax left behind would continue to burn.

#2 – Fire is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 6.

Children typically don’t know much about fire safety, which is why they are more likely to be victims of fires they haven’t caused. According to a study conducted by the authorities, 3 out of 4 children under the age of 6 have serious burns that can be attributed to fire.

#3 – Fatal Fires occur between 2 am to 3 am

When everyone is in a deep sleep, the fire does the majority of the damage. Many of the fatal fires that are known to have been caused due to many reasons like the short circuit, happened between 2 am to 3 am when everyone is asleep and cannot take quick decisions even after knowing about the fire.

#4 – Forest Fires are Rejuvenating

Even though the fires in the forest are devastating for the animals and nature, it is kind of useful. There are many incidents where a forest fire has caused an entire forest ecosystem to rejuvenate after some time. This allows the forests to heal themselves with new trees and a better environment. Some of the forest departments intentionally start the fires to get rid of the older trees and start a new generation of trees in the forest.

#5 – Fire is used for Decoration and Celebration

Fire emits light, which is a symbol of hope, prosperity, and hope. When used in a controlled manner, we can have it as a part of our celebrations. The candles, lighting, and even the fireworks are amazing ways to include them in our lives in a controlled manner. If they get out of control, then there might be some catastrophe.

Final Words

Fire is one of the core elements of our nature. It is very friendly to humans if we respect it and dangerous if we neglect it. With these interesting facts, you must have known about the dangers and the benefits of the same. If you have some doubts or have some unknown facts, make sure to use the comment section below.

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