An Introduction to “SAFEGUARD” Foams

Fire Fighting foam are generally used to extinguish flammable liquid fuel fires, both hydrocarbon and alcohol fires, Alcohol fires are difficult and in some cases impossible to extinguish by water, water spray or even fog. Powders and gaseous extinguishing agents are least effective on such fires due to limitations of throw, re-ignition, non cooling effect For fighting large fires of petroleum, petrochemical installation, aircraft fire fighting foams have been developed which float on the surface of burning liquids making a stable barrier between the vapor and air thereby permanently extinguishing the fire. Different types of foam concentrates are available that can be used in various applications and equipment’s such foam monitors, fire Trucks, Mobile Units, sprinklers, fixed foam systems, compressed air foam systems and fire extinguishers etc.


Our “SAEGUARD” fluoroprotein, AFFF AR (Multipurpose) Foams are so formulated that they are compatible with standard IS: marked dry powders and similar types UL listed and IS: marked foam concentrates.

Quality Control and Approvals

“SAEGUARD” foam compounds are manufactured under strict quality control, Each batch is tested under highly qualified scientists in our laboratory. We test these foams as per BIS Standard IS:4989, UL-162, ICAO, EN and British Standards.

Storage and Packaging

All “SAEGUARD” foam concentrates are packed and supplied in 20,30 and 200 litters plastic drums with IS and UL Listed and other marking requirements of standard specifications. Protein based foams may also be packed and supplied in metal containers: Storage temperature of sealed container should be preferably between 0 C to 50 C with Airy Storage Facility. It should not be stored under direct Sunlight to get Optimum shelf life.


“SAFEGUARD” Foams can be proportioned easily using conventional equipments like.

  • Variable in line foam inductors with hand lines.
  • Balance pressure proportionators.
  • Foam Monitors
  • Bladders tank proportionators.
  • Sprinklers